GeDoSaTo Beta 0.14 “Barrage am Ring”

I’ll shortly release a new version of GeDoSaTo, which includes a pre-alpha version of a custom plugin for Final Fantasy XIII. Its current features are:

  • Arbitrary rendering and presentation resolutions (only 16:9 though)
  • HUD hiding (using the normal GeDoSaTo keybindings)

It’s bugs and known issues are:

  • Some off-by-a-bit scaling issues, making the output less sharp than it should be in some circumstances
  • DoF effects are unchanged (still at original, low resolution – this is more apparent in contrast to higher resolutions)
  • Probably some stuff somewhere is cut off. I saw some scissor calls and am not dealing with them yet
  • Crashes when taking screenshots using GeDoSaTo
  • Rendering resolutions larger than 3840×2160 don’t work
  • Probably lots more

Some observations:

  • The game performs really well from what I’ve seen, both GPU and CPU-wise. But their frame limiting/pacing stuff sometimes seems to bug out.

Tons of stuff can still be improved — obvious ones like fixing bugs and the DoF, but also e.g. probably shadow resolution — so if you like this work and want it to continue consider donating.

Of course, I’d also really appreciate any development or debugging contributions. As always, the source is on Github.

You can download the installer from here, it will automatically grab the latest version.

Don’t report bugs in the comments, report them on GitHub (and check for duplicates or if they are known issues).

6 thoughts on “GeDoSaTo Beta 0.14 “Barrage am Ring”

  1. Anyway to fix the missing mini-map? Everything works excellently but I don’t have a mini-map which is really annoying. Thanks for the hard work!

  2. Durante you work hard and the PC gaming community would be at a loss if it wasn’t for your hard work and dedication. Thank you for all that you have done thus far.

  3. Thank you Durante for doing the devs job for them. Again. It’s really a shame. If I made a game, released it like this, and saw a user fix it the way you do, I would feel embarrassed. Yet they seem not to give a hoot.

  4. Durante, Do you think we could get a bloom and SSAO plugin some time in the future for FF13?

  5. Excellent work as always. Still find it ridiculous that Square Enix released FFXIII with the 720p limit considering most of their other PC ports are pretty good but perhaps their Japanese team aren’t as experienced with PC ports. Hopefully this won’t happen with FFXV. Thanks again and hope the DX11 work is going well!

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