GeDoSaTo Dark Souls 2 Edition 0.2 ALPHA Release

Good news everyone!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed crashes when taking screenshots while not downsampling.
  • Fixed broken rendering after Steam popups.
  • Partially fixed SSAO issues (minor issues might remain, expect further improvement later).

New Features:

  • Added hudless screenshot key. If you want to play with the HuD but still take nice shots!
  • Added option for “basic” pseudo-Bokeh DoF effect. Not as nice as the true Bokeh DoF, but only ~1/5th the performance impact.
  • Improved SSAO performance outdoors.

Remaining known issues:

  • [GeDoSaTo] Crashes when alt-tabbing out of and back into the game.
    Cause: Unknown, probably a resource management issue.
    Note: This only occurs when downsampling, and only for some people.
  • [GeDoSaToTool] The tool complains that it cannot access the registry.
    Cause: Might be an access rights/permission issue. Try running as administrator.
  • [GeDoSaToTool] The tool complains that it can’t set the global hotkey.
    Cause: Unknown. But this doesn’t really matter, you just don’t get a hotkey.

By the way, sorry if I don’t reply at whatever channel you are trying to contact me through, I’m getting a lot of messages.

Here is the download. And you can always donate here to support GeDoSaTo development.

NOTE: the default settings in the ini included with this version are probably not what you want. In particular, change “presentInterval 2” to “presentInterval -1“.

35 thoughts on “GeDoSaTo Dark Souls 2 Edition 0.2 ALPHA Release

  1. I now realise to downsample i have to then go and select the resolution in the options in-game to so it’s working now, thanks for the great program!

  2. Hey Durante can you please make a version that is more DEFAULT-like:

    1080p Res on the “Downsample to” section.

    No Vsync change “-1″.

    No DoF.

    Etc…? Something similar to the ini file of Alpha 0.1.

    I know I can tweak the ini file myself, but I am afraid I will mess up something – so will appreciate a setup more suitable to standard 1080p users.

    Also – I know this is  a lot of hard work, but will you be able to make a more graphical version of the mod: with menus and drop down lists?

  3. This is with no downsampling. If using DS, then Bokeh DoF is basic and going 2560×1550 to 1920×1080. I notice some crashing with downsampling, but if you don’t use DS, it’s flawless.

  4. Any plans on ever making this compatible with the new ENB for Dark Souls II that Boris just made?

    As of now, the game crashes if you have both running at the same time.

  5. @M the resolution I want to downsample to my monitors 1680×1050 is not appearing in res lists in any game that’s the problem , but thanks ,I give up for now  I’ll have to w8 for release that does work for me

  6. First off, thank you very much for this amazing tool, Durant.

    I have a question about the texture dumping and overriding features.

    I’ve dumped the textures, and I’ve customized a few of them, but I don’t know where I should put the modded textures. In the old DSfix tool there was a texture_override folder, but in Gedasato there is no such folder, just a dump one.

    Where do I put the modded texture?

  7. @SoCalledMe Hmm odd. Just to be sure, after you have launched the game you have to select the desired downsampeled resolution in the ingame options menu. If you have already tried that and no success I’m out of ideas, hope you find a solution!

  8. This tool works great! GTX 770 and everything maxed/most preformance hit/best quality and I am very happy! Game runs flawlessly and takes up 80% of GPU. Thanks again!

  9. Also sorry for laying it on thick, but is there any chance of a Full Size Screenshot w/out HUD feature?

  10. Have you by any chance tried to make this coexist with the recent release of ENB for Dark Souls 2? If I put the wrapper version in my DS2 folder and activate GeDoSaTo, my game crashes on load. I’d love  to use these side by side.


  11. @SoCalledMe Your monitors native res has a 16:10 ratio, you should downsample from a 16:10 ratio as well. Try downsampling from 2560×1600 and see if that works.

  12. Is the takeFullScreenshot bind meant to take screenshots in the native resolution prior to downsampling?

    For me it just takes them at 1080p regardless of what I’m downsampling from.

  13. Please peter, can you make cursor hider even if i am playing with x360 pad it appears some times in game

  14. Thanks for this tool!  Your work is appreciated.

    I am a little confused about using this tool along with an Nvidia card in Dark Souls 2.  In your article on PCGamer ( you noted how to turn on HBAO+ and supersampling using the Nvidia inspector tool, which I have done.

    If I am using your GeDoSaTo tool as well should I turn off those settings with nvidia inspector and just let your tool do it?  Or should I disable AO in your tool and let Nvidia take care of it.  I’m not sure which is the “better” way to handle this.

    Thanks for any help you can give to clear it up.

    Using a 780ti at 1920×1080, 120hz.

  15. Mr Durante, I’ve uploaded a little video showing the lock on enemies issue.

    I believe it has to do with something similar to the mouse position override. The game is getting more distance between enemies as there really is, so it switches the lock (as if I made a 180° turn)

  16. Will there be a wrapper version of this mod? I hate it to start some programs every time i want to play a game! :D

  17. Thanks for making me read all the article in Professor’s voice.

    I can’t test your tool since I’ll be without a good computer for some time, but I’ll be watching closely ’till I get one.

    Thanks for this tool, Durante!

  18. I tired both versions and non works for me , I edited the ini file to downsample 3840×2160 to 1680×1050 ( my monitors native res ) and whatever game I lunch 4k res is  not showing up ( I aslo tried 2560×1440 so no res works ) , I’m running GeDo as admin with whitelist cheked , and yes I clicked activate button . Help ?




  19. Hi Durante,

    Can you plz include intro skip in dark souls ini file. I really want to bypass the Namco Bandai logos and online server access. The Dark Souls 2 games always tries to look for online server authentication even when I am not connected. I want to get rid especially of that online server prompt.

  20. Oh, I think that was (one part of) the problem. Thank you.

    I set the resolution to 3840×2160 via ingame settings, no change. I tried to restart the game, but it crashed after a white screen. An additional launch was successful, but DS2 started in window mode with 1920×1080. Then I tried to set fullscreen and 3840×2160 with the result of another crash. It doesn’t make a difference, if I active GeDoSaTo before or after launching the game.

  21. One more thing @petert you default settings (aside from the “interval 2″) that you mentioned are out of sync with most 1080p users. As you can see:

    # The resolution you want to downsample *to*.

    presentWidth 2560
    presentHeight 1440
    #presentWidth 1920
    #presentHeight 1080
    presentHz 60

    Most users have 1920 1080 as their default native resolution – to which the want to downsample. Can you please fix these setting?

    Would be good if you make a default setup that is compatible with most users : no vsync change, 1080p res.

    Perhaps we can use the old Alpha 0.1a ini file with the Alpha 0.2 ? or is it unrecommended?


  22. Hey Durante we can now use Steam Overlay with DS2 right?

    Also – did you fix and allowed the use of Steam Big Picture when the tool is activated? with 0.1 Alpha Steam crashed every time I launched Big Picture with the tool working.

    • Yes, you can use the overlay. Big picture is a separate application, so it runs into the alt-tab crash bug if you are downsampling. I was not yet able to fix that one.

  23. Hey Durante / community,
    sorry for my disability, but I dont know how to activate Downsampling. I read the Readme file mutiple times, but I can’t find a fault. I change nothing in the config file, because I’m using a 1920×1080 native resolution. Ingame AA ist enabled, too.

    Regardless the ingame informationen (after hitting the plus key) shows me “not downsampling” – and I don’t no why? Can you assist, please?

    Thank you in advance,
    Thank you for this great tool.

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