GeDoSaTo DS2E 0.1 alpha FAQ & Known Issues

Since it’s impossible for me to keep up and individually answer the flood of feedback I’m receiving right now, I’ll try to summarize the currently known issues with the initial release here.

Known issues:

  • [GeDoSaTo] Crashes when taking a screenshot.
    Cause: You are not downsampling, and I made a silly programming mistake. Will be fixed in the next version
  • [GeDoSaTo] Crashes when alt-tabbing out of and back into the game.
    Cause: Unknown, probably a resource management issue.
    Note: This only occurs when downsampling, and only for some people.
  • [GeDoSaTo] Rendering breaks when the Steam overlay pops up.
    Cause: Unknown. Steam overlay rendering might put D3D in an unexpected state.
    Workaround: Disable the Steam overlay.
  • [GeDoSaToTool] The tool complains that it cannot access the registry.
    Cause: Might be an access rights/permission issue. Try running as administrator
  • [GeDoSaToTool] The tool complains that it can’t set the global hotkey.
    Cause: Unknown. But this doesn’t really matter, you just don’t get a hotkey.


  • None of the effects work! What am I doing wrong?
    Make sure to enable in-game anti-aliasing, and try pressing the “+” key on your numpad to get a status report.
  • Why is the Bokeh DoF effect disabled by default?
    I disabled that one because I know that some people don’t bother with the settings, and its performance hit is atrocious. If you have performance to spare yo ucan of course use it!
  • Will you release the source code?
    Yes, absolutely. I think I’ve shown in the past that I fully believe in sharing the source of my stuff, but I want to wait just a short while until it’s not so much in flux.

I’ll try to release a new version by Sunday, which should at the very least fix the screenshot crash. Thanks for your continued support, especially to those who made donations.

24 thoughts on “GeDoSaTo DS2E 0.1 alpha FAQ & Known Issues

  1. 1) when exiting game you have to: quit, back to title, press start, log in to servers, then finally select quit. Would be awesome if we could have a clean way of just quitting

    2) when playing on PC with a gampad, the mouse cursor keeps popping up during conversations with NPCs.. annoying!

  2. Awesome work!

    I have a little problem though. Whenever I turn on downsampling and quit the game – next time I’m starting it the game goes windowed instead of fullscreen. If GeDoSaTo is activated – this behavior leads to an instant crash :/

    To make it work again I have to turn GeDoSaTo off, then start the game and quit it, and then run GeDoSaTo again, which is quite irritating as I have to do it everytime I wanna play. Do you have any ideas?

    The second issue for me is impossibility to use GeDoSaTo and SweetFX at the same time – my SweetFX presets work perfectly when GeDoSaTo is deactivated, but as soon as I try running the game with both, I get a crash on startup. Any sugestions?

    • Your crashing issue is unique, don’t really know what to say about that.

      As for SweetFX, my suggestion is to do your postprocessing through GeDoSaTo. That way, the HuD remains unaffected. (see assets/post.fx).

  3. I get the same. GTX680 latest driver, downsampling at 2160p using SSAO at base settings (strength 2, scale 1). Same location same look.

  4. Hey Durante, GAF’er here.

    Thanks for all the work you do on these games.

    A quick question: each time i select the downsampled resolution and exit the game, upon launch it starts windowed.

    Either im doing something wrong, or i am missing something.

    If i select back 1080p from the menu, it goes back to fullscreen.

    What could it be?

  5. I am not forcing driver-level AA. I can tell you that it’s present both with/without SMAA, post-processing and downsampling and with/without SLI compatibility forced. The only thing that gets rid of it is disabling your AO. FWIW I’m using (3) GTX680s with the 337.50 beta drivers.

  6. Argh, Sorry for the multiple post :) I tried to made a post reply but it doesn’t work. I don’t know how to delete it..

  7. Nothing forced. The only thing I forced is the adaptive sync.
    I am using the last non-beta nvidia driver. I hope it will be possible to fix it, because your AO is really good and really improve the mood.

  8. Nothing forced. The only thing I forced is the adaptive sync.
    I am using the last non-beta nvidia driver. I hope it will be possible to fix it, because your AO is really good and really improve the mood.

  9. I forced nothing. I am using the last non beta driver on nvidia.
    Too bad because your ssao fit very well with the game.

  10. Thanks, I’ve tried it out and it looks great. 4K downsampled and all the effects at 60fps is not doable on my current card. Waiting on a new one to arrive, hopefully today O_O

  11. Also wanted to ask, when using HBAO+ or VSSAO, do i need to turn off the in-game SSAO option?

    Thanks :)

  12. Hello.

    First of all thank you again for the work you are doing :)

    I’ve encountered a small bug using VSSAO, which seems to affect the skybox / some sprites in the background

    Unrelated to Dark Souls, I also wanted to ask whether you could possibly, in the future, include a Force Triple Buffering + Vsync option to GeDoSaTo, to finally rid us of D3DOverrider, just so we could use the one tool.

    Thanks :)

  13. Confirming the AO problem in Majula. It’s the only place I’ve seen it. Looks like AO is being applied to the clouds/mist in the backdrop behind the town. I tried all the different AO settings and nothing fixed it.

  14. HelloThere is a bug with the ambient occlusion (defaut setting in the ini): In majula (I am just starting the game, I don’t know if there is problem elsewhere), in the background, I see black lines in the sky (opposite of the sea).
    Maybe a falloff in distance can make the deal.

    Once again, thank you for your hard work

    • Are you forcing any driver level setting? I got an issue like this if I tried to force SGSSAA at the driver level.

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