GeDoSaTo Dark Souls 2 Edition 0.1 ALPHA Release

EDIT: If you came here from some external link, don’t get this, get the latest version. And please don’t report issues in outdated versions.

Well, this is it.

Get it while it’s hot. (link to outdated version removed, see above)
: Download link changed to version 0.1a, fixing (hopefully) .dll dependency.
UPDATE 2: It seems like Steam Overlay popups break the graphics in DS2 with GeDoSaTo currently. Disable the Steam overlay as a workaround for now.

For more information about the background and development of GeDoSaTo, read my earlier blog post about it.

For an in-depth description of what it can do for Dark Souls 2, do read my PC Gamer article. I really enjoyed working with the people at PC Gamer, and not just because they gave me early access to the game ;)

Please remember that this is an initial public alpha release, as such it’s almost certain to be buggy.
And please read the readme file carefully. It is included in the download. And if you want to quickly get an idea of the state of things in-game, press the “+” button on your numpad. It should show you GeDoSaTo status information.

Oh, and if you enjoy what I’m doing and have lots of disposable income, consider donating to further GeDoSaTo development. There’s a lot yet to be done.

49 thoughts on “GeDoSaTo Dark Souls 2 Edition 0.1 ALPHA Release

  1. Yea because i realized it didn’t have sub folder support. should only take one line of code in the path. Much needed and would be appreciated please.

  2. Can the override folder for textures have folders inside with png files etc or do all the raw files have to be in the overridefolder with no subfolders? if not please make it so, so can have easier mod management.

  3. Is there any way to make this work with ENB? If only to downsample and not use the DS2 effects? Tested with DS2 enb released today(26.4).  GeDoSaTo works with sweetFX great so that’s cool.

  4. Would it be possible to use the sweetFX used in many ENBseries for, for instance, skyrim?


  5. If some one is having trouble for it to start up make sure your firewall-program does not Sandbox it when you run the exe. Comodo does that at least automatically so make sure to flag it as safe.

  6. I set both reportedHz and presentHz to 120, and indeed I *sometimes* got sped up animations, seemingly when the framerate was low (heavy action). It largely worked okay though — this is on a 580 with render resolution 2560×1440, present 1920×1080 and interval -1.

    So, to clarify, if I set reported to 60, interval to 2 and presentHz to 120, I’ll get 120hz without any erratic behavior? The follow-up question is; can I reach 120fps with that?

    Donated 50€ yesterday, keep up the good work! Also I’m reading through your code and learning lots, so even if you’re not getting a lot of patches it’s still a boon to some of us~

  7. I can’t believe how great it runs at 3840×2160 I’m on a single 7950 and it’s above 45 fps. Had to turn off ssao because it made some strange anomaly(see pic) for the background. Could be a AMD issue as well. I just wanted to say thanks once again, it’s incredible! Oh and I’m CCC 13.9, Driver Packaging Version13.152-130830a-163178C-ATI.

  8. I located the problem.
    I had the tool installed in my personal documentsfolder, when i moved it to another location, it worked.

    I think the problem was, that the path to my personal documents folder contained a danish letter (ø).

  9. Really nice idea with this tool. I cant get it to work however;

    I have enabled AA in DSII
    I start GeDoSaTool.exe as admin
    I start Dark Souls II.
    Dark souls crashes to desktop.

    I have enabled logging. In the log file it writes:

    DetouredGetWindowLongW hwnd: 000F06C6 — index: Unknown Offset!

    many times.

    Do i do something wrong?

    Iam running Windows 8.1 64 bit, danish.
    I have Nvidia GTX 780 gpu and intel I7 CPU

  10. Hello! I’m wondering if this mod makes lag. I’m not sure atm because it could be release day, but I’ve been playing PvP, and there is a LOT of lag. (not low fps)

  11. This is why I love the PC community, people like you that goes beyond and shares everything with the public. Is there anyway to donate money to you? I would gladly send money your way as a token of appreciation for all your hard work.

  12. Hello, (please delete my previous post, can not edit it before its modarated)


    Firstly, great job man!

    gtx770+benq 144hz here (windows7)

    Downsampling works fine.  Coudnt check how big the difference is (in the first location I can barely see any – maybe because of the night.

    Problem is I can not force the game to run in 120/144Hz, same as I can not force it to run >60FPS.  Changed //The actual rendering resolution you want to use… to

    renderWidth 3840
    renderHeight 2160

    reportedHz 144,

    I would like the game run >60FPS or (if nor possible) make it run with refresh rate 120/144Hz. Vsync OFF in NVIDIA + GeDoSaTo.ini.


    Checked whats above with “GeDoSaTo_DS2Edition_Alpha1a” ON and OFF.

    • The game is locked to 60 Hz, overriding that will make it run too fast. You can try to set reportedHz to 60, presentInterval to 2 and presentHz to 120.

  13. Jack, I had the same “problem,” until I realized I needed to select the new downsized resolution (Which magically pops up!) in-game afterwards.

  14. Thanks a lot

    The result is so good

    But too bad (really, because I really like how it work), the ambient occlusion is a little buggy.
    In majula, in the background, I see black lines in the sky.
    Maybe a falloff in distance can make the deal.

    Once again, thank you for your hard work

  15. I can’t seem to get the downsampling to work at all. I tried using the default values of 3840×2160 for the rendering res and 1920×1080 for the current res, but it doesn’t work. I also tried different rendering resolutions and still not working. I have a 1080p monitor. Pressing the add key always shows the downsampling status as “not downsampling”. However, all the other post processing effects do work.

  16. Well, it would be great to have some kind of way to eliminate black bars in games, it’s a fairly common issue (Why, i’ll never know. Even low budget ports prevent this at least through stretching… Deadly Premonition comes to mind, even though I’m not sure if DPfix had something to do with that.)

    Widescreen fixer works – through stretching, so not the best quality – but only for supported games.

    Well, who knows… Maybe we’ll get something in the future… right Zack?

  17. Hey Durante,

    will there be a “hide mouse cursor” option in the future? It worked great for Dark Souls and it really annoys me to see my cursor pop up every time I enter a menu or talk to someone in Dark Souls 2.

  18. Nevermind it was actually the Steam Overlay that was causing it. Thanks for this it runs great and makes the game look amazing.

  19. Pretty much my only complaint about the game is it not properly supporting 16:10 ratio. I don’t own any 16:9 monitors so the black bars bother the hell out of me!

    Other than this issue, my game looks absolutely amazing with his new tool. Downsampling is just fantastic! I hope somebody can fix the ratios sooner than later. :O

  20. Windows 7+ only?

    GeDoSaTo: GeDoSaToTool.exe – Entry Point Not Found
    The procedure entry point K32EnumProcessModules could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll.

    Using Vista x64.

    • Apparently. I didn’t really take note when I used it that this was a 7+ function. I’ll try to find a workaround.

      • Yeah, it’s the sad state of affairs with Vista/7. Despite being very similar to Vista, there’s quite a few things that are different at the core level which break native backwards functionality. I’ve been dealing with programs just not working or breaking with updates at seemingly random for the last year or so.

        Sad that they started to do the 98SE thing again with Windows 8 instead of Vista. I tried but can’t used to 7; the massive UI changes just make me feel terrible. I gave a week but booted back to my Vista install and it felt like I came back home after a long trip away..

        Anyway, sorry to be a bother, but this will help the .4% of us that aren’t using 7+. Eagerly waiting for a quick update; the game looks terrible at 1080p with its garbage AO.

  21. I get a weird white out effect everytime I go through a fog gate or see a cinematic. Any ideas?

  22. You keep impressing me every time.  Great job mate, looks great and works great on my 7950.

    Looking forward to your updates, thanks for everything! <3

  23. Wow, that was quick! I doubt my system will run any of these modifications, but I’ll still try!


    Cheers Durante, keep up the good work!

  24. Holy hell… Great work you’re doing again! PCGamer coverage really helps expose the mod too, as well as accurately describe it. Keep it up!

    Also, I don’t know if DS2 will support 4:3, 5:4, and other weird aspect ratios but I remember DS1 didn’t, even with the DSfix. Hope it does this time around, but if it doesn’t… Maybe a little tweaking might do it? *wink*

    Anyway, DSfix was good, but this really does seem like the extra mile!

  25. Downsampling for all games ?!?!?!?! PRAISE YOU DURANTE!

    I’ve been dreaming of that. ssaa on amd don’t work on all games. downsampling on amd cards ins practically impossible… so Your tool which is going to bring downsampling to most games via injection is amazing.

  26. I enjoyed your article on PC Gamer very much!  Thank you for doing this, improving Dark Souls 2 even more.  Cant wait for DS2, and try this out.  Good luck with your project in the future!

    • I’ll try to get it up on Github this weekend. I really need help with this one, there’s just too much to do!

      (Though so far, source contributions on all my projects of this type have been exceedingly rare)

  27. Thanks a lot. Guys like you make PC gaming the best! Are the settings in  the .ini files your personal preferences?

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