DPfix 0.9.5


  • Various adjustments to improve compatibility with version 1.01b of Deadly Premonition
  • Removed the “disableJoystick” option, as it is now superfluous (the bug it was designed to work around was fixed by the developers!)
  • Made AA apply in some circumstances where it did not before, like the in-game menu
  • The distribution version now includes (optional) logging, to make debugging problems easier

Sorry for the delay, as I wrote in the last update I didn’t really have much time to work on this over the past 2 weeks. One important thing: if you are experiencing any issues, please reboot your system and see if they are still reproducible afterwards. Even in its current version the game is still quite susceptible to strange random issues which go away after a reboot.

Download DPfix 0.9.5 here (donate)

14 thoughts on “DPfix 0.9.5

  1. Hey, thanks for this amazing fix for this amazing game.

    I own a 21/9 screen (2560×1080@144hz). The game runs fine at this definitionand framerate, but the image is distorded. A FOV mod would fix this.


    Do you have any plan on adding such a feature, or a hint on how to achieve a perfect ultrawide fix for Deadly Premonition?


  2. Solved part of the above problem.

    The thing is, my recording software hooks to d3d9.dll to record, so because DPfix has precedence, the recording software can’t detect the game.


    First to have border-less full-screen without crashing the game, you need to execute the game launcher and un-tick the option “Fullscreen” in the setting. (That sets the game to run on window mode).

    After this step, you can configure DPfix to use borderless fullscreen without crashing! (At least for me, if I don’t disable fullscreen on the game launcher, it crashes immediately if I try any kind of windowed mode within DPfix) :D

    This also allows me to record the game, since I change the recording mode to capture the Desktop and it actually captures the fullscreen game with all DPfix goodies enabled.

    The method I posted above, disables DPfix. :(

    As for the misaligned light source glow, version 0.9.5 is a no go. All kinds of light source Bloom/glow is out of place with the origin of the light…


    Like I said before, in the red room (right at the beginning of the game), the light from the tv is floating in the air above it, and the same happens with the lamps lights.


    It’s weird… But none of that happens with version 0.9.1


    Hope this helps people capturing Deadly Premonition in all it’s glory and beauty.

    Thanks to your fantastic work Durante! Like it has been said time and time again, you’re a God! I’ll send a little donation your way, has a thank you gift. You definitely deserve it! :D

  3. Hi there!

    For starters, thanks a lot for the awesome job with both dsfix and dpfix!

    This version introduced some major glitches with light source “halos” (bloom effect from a light source). They appear mis-aligned for me. Like the glare from from the TV in the beginning of the game and the lamp light, appear floating in the air on top and to the right of the object. This doesn’t happen with version 0.9.1, so it was some change after it that is causing it.

    Also, any kind of windowed mode, crashes my game immediately and I can only use Real Fullscreen.

    I already tried everything I could like, compatibility modes, admin rights, mod settings, etc, to no avail.

    The software I use to record games, can’t recognize the game with dpfix enabled. I found a work-around though.

    1 – Launch the game

    2 – Alt-Tab out of it, so it crashes (stops responding)

    3 – Launch the game again (it starts in a 720p window)

    4 – Close the fullscreen window (that is not responding)

    5 – Capture software is now recognizing the game in the 720p window.

    6 – Play the game in that window and it will record in the internal resolution you selected in the mod (ex: 1080p).


    Not a great way to play, but it works and records in 1080p.

    I’m also using sweetfx, but the problems above appear with or without sweetfx.


    My config:

    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    Intel 4770K

    Geforce GTX 770

    8GB of Ram

    2TB Hard-Drive

    Latests drivers are installed.


    I can add some screen-shots if needed.

    For the meantime, I’ll keep using 0.9.1

  4. Having some weird framerate issues. Fraps shows constant 60fps, but the movement is verry laggy and odd.

  5. Also there would be safer to link to same managed d3d9x dll as the game, ie. you dll uses d3dx9_42.dll, but game uses d3dx9_43.dll

  6. Hello,

    top effort this, thank you. Been wondering though, it this backwards compatible to the unpatched versions of DP?

    And a question if I may:

    have you ever had the time and/or opportunity to play Fahrenheit aka Indigo Prophecy?

    again, thanks.



    P.S. I do realise that I could just have typed this in German (being from Saxony-Anhalt myself, which probably means nothing to an Ösi such as yourself ;D) but as this board is frequented on an international basis… :D

  7. I keep having this strange issue with DPfix. When I’m driving, huge map icons (e.g. a pink female silhouette) flash on the minimap from time to time for a split second, and I don’t know why. It happens on 0.9.1 and 0.9.5, with and without texture mods. I wonder if I’m the only one.

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