DPfix 0.9.1 (Updated)

Here we go, I hope this one works well for everyone (unlike 0.8).

VSSAO2 screenshot


  • Fixed the issues introduced on some systems by 0.8
    (which were caused by the haphazard way I tried to fix the offset issue)
  • Fixed Video size during profiling
    (this was a bug related to improving the reflections introduced in 0.7)
  • Really fixed the pixel offset error, at all resolutions
  • Added high quality “VSSAO2″ option (see above, compare: off / on)
  • Adjusted windowed mode so that it’s possible to move the window

Tracking down the profiling issue and the correct fix for the offset error was rather cumbersome. Here you see the culprit for the “halos”:

Downlaod DPfix 0.9.1 here (donate)


19 thoughts on “DPfix 0.9.1 (Updated)

  1. For what it’s worth, this seems to work fine for me even with the latest official controller patch from Rising Star Games. I saw some of the complaints at GAF — not booting, low FPS, etc. I had an even weirder problem where it was detecting my 360 pad but would baaaarely register the thumb sticks, and it didn’t boot at first, AND I had the low FPS thing!

    After making sure “disable joystick” was set to 0, and making sure I also disabled fullscreen/borderless windowed (as well as texture override, not sure if they actually caused any issues, was just trying to get it working.) I rebooted my system and everything worked completely flawlessly.

    I’ll give borderless fullscreen a shot again, but everything is working very smoothly otherwise.

  2. Crashes are exclusive to DPfix 0.9.1, as rolling back to DPfix 0.7.1 frees users of the problems I’m about to mention. After turning off all graphical enhancements, the crashes still persist. The problems may be resulting from how you tried to fix the pixel offset issue, or how you tried to re-fix the issue after users had trouble w/ 0.8. It takes some time for the bug to trigger. However, it can be sped up by accessing the Map in the Pause Menu and pressing Space or Ctrl to repeatedly cycle through the Map target areas. I think it may trigger even faster if you fast travel with the radio to any other location, and then repeatedly cycle though the Map. Here are the symptoms for when the bug is triggered:

    After quickly cycling through the Map target areas and triggering the bug, you will notice the Map bug out (it will no longer show your location, but rather a vertical and horizontal list of icons used for the map legend)
    The mini-map bugs out (you can no longer see the terrain you’re on, only small phone and building icons)

    After exiting the Pause Menu and re-entering it, the horizontal list of icons to the bottom right will either bug out with fragments of textures or black out entirely

    After experiencing these 3 symptoms, you will eventually hear a Windows Error sound followed by a crash. The crash will not be far off; in some cases it happens immediately after experiencing the symptoms.

    Images of these symptoms will be posted on NeoGAF.

  3. I’m currently experiencing highly repeatable crashes with DPfix 0.9.1. These crashes become nonexistent with DPfix 0.7.1. I’m going to spend the rest of today and maybe tomorrow trying out all the different settings in DPfix to track down where the issue is stemming from to the best of my ability. Will report back with far more detail when I find the source of the problem.

    This is biosquid2 from NeoGAF by the way.

  4. (not a Win 8 fake reboot by the way, a real reboot)

    Windows 8 always reboots in normal mode, fast boot is only for shutdown -> boot -> shutdown cycle.

  5. All the effort you put into fixing what developers could not is simply outstanding. I just can’t thank you enough. I really wish I could donate, but I barely got enough money since I gotta pay for my studies.

    Anyways, I thank you sincerely. You are great.

  6. Argh, nevermind, some more problems.


    - The game freezes and crashes whenever I enter the car!

    -Moving the windowed mode is difficult since it messes with everything else, I have to Alt+Tab and drag it around, it’s still not perfect.

    -Sometimes when I play the game in windowed mode, the mouse cursor still remains visible, in the center of the game, no matter what.

    -In order to save the game, I still have to always right click the game’s icon and run it as administrator, or else the game refuses to save… despite that my account is already an administrator on my Windows 8.1.

    • None of those issues are DPfix related I believe. The crashes when entering a car is usually fixed by a reboot (not a Win 8 fake reboot by the way, a real reboot). Also, you can set the game to always run as administrator (in the DP.exe properties).

  7. Great job. :)

    Fixed the screwed up dinner scene I had with the previous revision, and I love how you can now drag the window in windowed mode (I stream to Twitch, and need space for my chatroom, so having the game in the center, impossible to move, gave me very little chatroom space.)

  8. Оh, it works! Not really sure what it was, but either you shouldn’t enable VSSAO2 or you shouldn’t put a “reading only” mark while applying the changes The game really looks much more attractive now! Thank’s for help!))

  9. The reason it’s crashing is because the VSSAO2 file in the DSFix folder is missing. If you grab the file from DSFix22, for instance, it won’t crash, but naturally that VSSAO2 file wasn’t modified for Deadly Premonition, so it won’t work right. We’ll just have to wait for a re-upload to fix this.

  10. Yes, if I enable VSSAO2 it crashes instantly, but if I disable it I get into the menu but after I try to load a save file it loads, and then the screen is black and I have to restart my computer to be able to quit the game.

  11. Hullo,

    The game crashes when i choose SSAO2 option. Volumetric SSAO works just fine.

    I’ve noticed there’s only file called VSSAO in dpfix folder.

  12. Great work on all of this, I love you forever. HOWEVER, there is an issue with this version on my hardware, and I know you probably don’t want to hear it, but I would like to make you aware of the issue anyways. For whatever reason, when enabling ssao in the ini config, the game will refuse to boot. I’ve tried playing around with the variable options, but to no success, I am about to go try disabling SLI and see if that helps, I will post back if that happens to be the issue.

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