16 thoughts on “DSfix 1.6.1

  1. Thanks so much for the new release! Finally a truly unlocked FPS cap! Also, I might suggest adding the changelog for 1.6 to this original post since you removed 1.6 from the blog listings. Thanks as always!

    • An issue. With “unlockFPS 1″ and “FPSlimit 60″ my games runs up to the max 120 FPS (Vsync for my 120Hz monitor). In-game I get around 70-90 FPS, even though “FPSlimit 60″ should cap it at 60. What am I doing wrong?

  2. Incredible improvement over 1.5, seriously.

    Thank you and all those in involved for making this mod get so far.

  3. Thanks for the regular updates!

    Probably because of the updated NVIDIA driver I have a strange problem. As long as I use any version of your fix, the game world graphic is displayed in the upper left corner and far too small for the fullscreen. The HUD is still shown in the fullscreen size, so I have a big black border to the right and the bottom of the screen.

    Before the update of the NVIDIA driver, I did not have this problem. Does anyone know how to prevent this? I would not like to go back to the old driver version, as this caused some problems for me.

  4. The fps limit is not working for me. I have it set to 60, but my fps goes all the way up to 100.

  5. Thanks for this. It now stays between 50-60 FPS in all areas, which is just fantastic. Two very strange bugs I noticed though:

    1) New Londo Ruins freezes for about a second every 30-60 seconds, usually when moving into a new area. This is the only area I noticed where it occurs. I thought it was a performance related issue, but the Oolacile Township Dungeon is the most intensive area in the game and it runs fine there. It never occured when using the 60FPS option in 1.5.

    2) This one is very odd indeed. If you go to a bonfire while hollow and use your humanity to turn human, you can’t actually leave the bonfire. When you click “leave” the text goes from the screen and you’re left sat at the bonfire, unable to do anything. You can still move the camera, but you have to ALT+F4 or sign-out of GFWL to go any further. I tried to record it in FRAPs, but because it lowers the framerate to 30FPS, it didn’t occur. It seems to be tied into that FPS unlocker.

    Any one else able to replicate these issues?

    • The same problem occured with me – New Londo freezes constantly in different areas, sometimes and frequently enough it causes deaths because of falling. The only place where I observe it – New Londo.

  6. I just tried 1.6.1 and it works excellent! I didn’t observe previous problems in Darkroot Forest. Everything is ok. Besides, the problem with sliding to the Bed of Chaos was solved as well – there were no problems at all. Thanks again for the best work!

  7. Sweet, going to try this out now. I found 1.5 caused it to run less stable on my PC (ie. frame rate dropped quite a lot compare to what it did on 1.4)

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