DSfix 1.6

Another week, another release.


  • Option to unlock the framerate. Thanks to the hard work of Clément Barnier, the framerate can now be unlocked completely.
    This means that if your system can’t maintain 60 FPS, it will drop down gracefully to 55 instead of going directly to 30. There are some issues with this, look into the .ini files for details.
  • Fixed the SMAA issue introduced in 1.5 (with edges touching the skybox)
  • Fixed the major HUD modification issues with damage numbers and subtitles (other HUD issues remain, including boss health bars)
  • Various small performance tweaks

On my PC, I now get between 56 and 60 FPS in the Firelink Shrine, at 2560×1440 with SMAA 4, SSAO 2, 1080p DoF and DoF blur 1. Note that you need to play in windowed mode (or borderless windowed fullscreen mode) or use some third party solution if you want Vsync with an unlocked framerate.

As always, consider donating if you like the mod.

Get DSfix 1.6 at the Dark Souls nexus.
(alternative download location)

33 thoughts on “DSfix 1.6

  1. So i’ve set the unlock fps thingy to 1 then i launch the game and it immediately crashes. Please help.

  2. I’ve donated a small sum in thanks for your efforts.

    One thing that has bothered me recently is that when I disable the cursor by the disableCursor option I become unable to use the F9 hotkey in order to make it appear which is quite bothersome as this causes it to not be shown when you open the GFWL overlay, with no means to make it visible.

    • toggleCursorVisibility is now mapped to F7. Look into DSfixKeys.ini for details. Hope this helps!

      • Apparently both hotkeys still work, although independently, so that when it’s hidden by either function it can’t be made visible with the other.

        Anyhow, thanks a lot.

  3. can someone tell my why it runs very well except for new londo bridge,blood on screen and particles? it goes in slow motion almost instantly. :(

  4. as always, thanks for all your incredible work! the only major issue left is adding 16:10 resolution without letterboxing. is there any way this can be implemented in the future?

  5. The ‘FPSlimit 60′ option doesn’t limit it to 60 for me. HD6950 @ stock, I’m using 12.8 with 12.8 Cap 3, I’m forcing 1 GPU usage (I got crossfirex) through Catalyst.

      • Aah ok. Other than that, when you wear Fog Ring, bonfire, msgs and other particle things incl humanity ghosts in the abyss becomes invisible.

        Other than that, thank you and Clement for this. Runs amazingly smooth now.

  6. the game runs smooth as hell with 60 fps.except when i rest at bonfires and BS or riposte it goes to 2-3 fps due to the particles and blood on the screen…ty for the hard work

  7. Magic effects, blood, fog, player messages are all invisible. Going back to 1.4 or 1.5 for now.

  8. Hi Durante, reposting this from another one of the blog posts.

    I’m not sure if this is the place to ask but I’m curious about modding things other than textures (enemy data, attack duration, etc). Do you plan on doing any work related to that, or know who would be working on examining such parts of the file structure?

    And as always thank you for your work.

  9. I’ve already posted it, but it seems the comment wasn’t moderated..

    Maybe it was already asked, but reading all comments in each post..is a little too much. Sorry if it really was asked.
    So my question is: is it possible to somehow implement a pause in game through the fix? To stop game timer or whatever. It would really be helpful, since the game continues to intercept keyboard keys even when minimized.

  10. Bug texture when came in new londo ruins,enable smaa cause this,disable and no longer happen
    .sr for bad eng.

  11. Okay slight bug, but nothing game breaking, in my opinion at least. When you spin the camera in certain areas some times it makes like a copy of what is going on in the background, like in the Darkroot forest it copies trees and stuff and when you turn the camera the camera doesn’t move but the tree it copied does. It was kinda fun swinging a tree all over the place. Note this only happened when I selected to unlimit frame rate.

  12. In case no one has told you yet, 1.6 seems to have some problems rendering the water in the depths. it pops in & out at random. very annoying.

    Also, is this mod using the same memory swap technique that could get us banned from xbl? this is probably an important point to make right up in the top of your blog & on the 1.6 page…

    • I’ll have a look at the water, no one reported this yet, thanks for the information.

      The information about what exactly the FPS mod entails is included right on top of the option in the .ini file (where everyone has to look to enable it).

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