DSfix 0.8

I hope all the Optimus users enjoy this one! It required quite a bit of effort. Changes:

  • DSfix is now a Direct Input wrapper instead of a d3d9.dll wrapper. This was done to fix the Optimus issue, and it should also allow people to use other additional D3D wrappers for postprocessing effects (FXAA, SMAA, etc)
  • There is a new setting “dinput8dllWrapper” which allows you to use additional DirectInput wrappers on top of DSfix should you so desire. I don’t think many people will need this, but it’s there for those who do!
  • The way logging was handled when disabled has been improved, so you could see slightly improved performance in CPU limited situations with “logLevel 0″ (the default)

When upgrading from previous versions, make sure to first delete d3d9.dll and the old .ini!

Consider donating if you like the mod.

DSfix version 0.8 download

Please please remember to read the README.txt!

Edit: before I forget, thanks to Boris Vorontsov for putting me on the right track for how to fix this issue!

211 thoughts on “DSfix 0.8

  1. Sorry for the noob question, but for using the nvidia card in my laptop I should set “d3dAdapterOverride” to “N”, right?

  2. Great, everything works fine in 0.8! Finally got rid of those annoying intro logos :D
    Though 1 question: how to make fraps work with that update?

  3. Thank you so much for this!

    If you’re taking requests, a hide/unhide hotkey for the HUD would be nice. – Can’t stop taking screenies of the sexy new res. \o/

  4. Thank you so much for your work, Durante.

    I’ve been following the Neogaf thread from the beginning, but haven’t been able to post as they haven’t activated my account.

    Anyway, I was still having frame drops at all bonfires and during large bosses with a GTX 680. After changing in the nvidia control panel, ‘power management’ mode to ‘Prefer Maximum Performance’ mode, I haven’t had a single frame drop yet. You’re probably aware of this fix though, I saw someone else also came up with that solution in the neogaf thread.

    So, yeah, I really just wanted to say thank you!

    One question though. What are the chances of someone coming up with a mod to make the multiplayer network structure more manageable? A ‘play with friend option’, or something? Playing with friends is doable, but a pain in the butt to orchestrate, and I get summon failures constantly trying to summon anyone else (though invasions seem to be fine). Perhaps, a mod to enable you to view which lobby you’ve been placed in so it could spam your sign until you’re in the same one as a friend.

    Could anything be done, or will we always be dealing with the awkward system that’s in use now?

    Thanks for the amazing mod, and thanks for your time in reading the comments.

    • It’s probably possible, but a lot of work. And not really my area of expertise. Maybe someone else will look into it.

  5. I Can’t Use It . I Put Dsfix 0.80 In Game Directory . Game It Not Run.

    My Notebook Is Dell Inspiron 5520

  6. Hello, I still have framerate problems. I have an Acer Aspire laptop with:
    IntelCore i5-2410M 2.3 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 2.9 GHz
    and NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M up to 1760M TurboCache
    4 gigabytes RAM. What could I do?

    • I have exactly the same computer. i tried OC the gpu, i even tried to disable the cpu throttle by forcing the turbo boost to stay at 2.5-2.8ghz. tried placing the app into the gpu “use high performance gpu” etcetc.. tried using this fix.. and still stuck at 15fps..
      can anyone tell exactly what they did?

      • I also have the same laptop and i can´t get the game
        to run smooth…think this is up to the intel chip and even if
        we force the game to us the geforce it won´t really change it.

  7. I might be wrong, but it seems for Quad core users, that setting affinity to two cores only, gave more consistent fps.

    • I second it. It helps a bit both on my 8 “core” FX CPU and on 4 core Phenom II CPU. But it isn’t a “magic wand that would heal 15 FPS problem for all” – I still get occasional drops to 15 FPS from time to time on a system with GF 550 Ti and pretty solit 30 FPS on the box with GF 670. I.e. CPU power seems not to be a show-stopper here in case your CPU isn’t a legacy one from the P4 era.

  8. intro skipping isn’t work for me. im not sure about setting in DSFix.ini at default =0 is it enable? if yes why it isn’t work.

    and the second problem is fps, i get only 12-15 fps with ATI HD6500 and run on windows mode (resolution 1280×720, DoF 540). however, it is ok for me i can play with a bit lag but i wanna know this is normal and can i improve it?

    thanks for your advise (and sorry for my eng)

    • 0 = FALSE = disabled
      1 = TRUE = enabled

      By default intro skipping is disabled due to being potentionally dangerous to use (may cause game crashes and other problems; then again, may not).

      • For some reason intro skip does not work for me.

        After i set the value to 1 and get in the game, once the intro part comes the screen goes black and nothing happens, then after a few seconds the HAVOK intro shows. I guess the intros continue to play in the black background and not getting skipped at all. Any way to delete the intro’s at all?

  9. You should add 810 as an officially supported DoF resolution. 540 looks awful and 1080 is pretty much disabled. 810 works perfectly and doesn’t look too sharp.

  10. HAVE MY CHILDREN! haha kidding. I am working on getting the game files extracted so I can get to work on some higher resolution textures (if quick BMS will cooperate) I am so happy you made it work for us needy optimus users haha

    • After further testing it works flawlessly on my Optimus system! Running at 1.5x 1080p and it looks great. It is amazing how the removal of that crappy blur filter improves the muddiness of the textures.

  11. Thanks very much for the optimus fix, appreciate the time and effort involved. Donation on the way, thanks!

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