Dark Souls internal rendering resolution fix

I’ll add more internal details here soon.

Check out a general overview at GAF.

Also, this is the donation link in case you want to donate.

Download Link

Important: turn off in-game AA (blur filter)


Known Issues

  • Message text is not rendered correctly. I will work on this tomorrow.
  • Does not work with the in-game AA (but that’s just a blur filter anyway)
  • Bad framerate reported on AMD cards, NV seems fine


209 thoughts on “Dark Souls internal rendering resolution fix

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  2. Awesome work!

    Now I have another problem. It seems that the game limits FPS on 15 and 30. Is there a way to break the limit?

  3. text in resolution 1920×1080 working just fine on mine! dont play with mouse/keyboard. use xbox controller emulator and play on pad. way better experience

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  6. Nice work man, is it possible to set the refresh rate in the .ini to 120hz as the game is locked to 59/60hz?

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  9. Thank you so much!! You just made playing this game 100x more enjoyable. I hope you can do this for a living and maybe get hired from a big company to improve their games! :)

  10. Tried to run on My Alienware I-7 3.4GHZ, 16GB Ram, Crossfire 6970′s system….game will not load. Have to completely delete game and re-download :(

    Great looking screens. Hope you can get this to work. If not, I’ll just keep playing. Fell in love with this game last October. Nothing has come close in 10 years.

  11. the only problem is the test,i can’t see them,for the rest great job

    Now the game shows its muscles and that’s only because of you

  12. when ill use fix , ill cant read the help mesages on the grounds, its just a free space. In inventory (and other)screen, press buttons(like A:equip) will not display too. BTW thnx for the fix, ill hope devs can fix it with patches later…

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  14. I have a really weird problem. When I put the files in the file where dark souls.exe is in, darksouls just appears on 1/4 of the screen in the left corner. The hud stays normal tough.

  15. Expect money coming your way from me. You have done a great service and deserve life’s finest

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  19. What is up with the controls? I wish they put a little bit of effort into making the PC more easy to figure out, A B START? I WANT TO KNOW WHICH KEYS DO WHICH

  20. A great mod, really makes the graphics what they should be.

    One bug for me is that I cannot see ANY UI except the menu (when pressing END).

    AMD 4890HD, Q9400 Quad Core

    Runs great otherwise!

  21. Great mod, I can’t believe that you managed to get it up so quickly. The difference is astounding. I know that it is already a known issue, but I am having significant slowdown, even with very little on screen. I’m using a an AMD Radeon HD 6770M. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  22. After I editted the file, live wont connect me for some reason. Im trying to delete all the files that got updated. After I transferred your two files over other files showed up? I dont know which ones to delete now??

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  24. when i want to play i got this :Dark Souls Prepare To Die Edition stop working
    my lcd res is 1360×768, can you help me plz cause i really wanna play this game

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    • yeah i have the same problem. GTX 670. Game crashes to desktop with and without the patch

      • Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, Nvidia eVGA 480GTX superclocked.

        Game doesn’t crash, but 3d visuals don’t display at all.
        The screen is black with a light grey rectangle occupying about 1/3 of the screen in the upper left corner.

        The 2d overlays, menu’s etc are fine and working. Gameplay seems to be fine as I can hear the sounds respond to my controls, but all I see is that grey rectangle :(

  26. Could you please tell me if this will work with nvidia optimus? When placing d3d9.dll files in skyrim game folders it makes optimus not work and tries to use the integrated intel graphics. My fear is that this will do the same. Can anyone confirm that this will work with optimus?

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  28. xid on 2012-08-24 at 02:50 said:
    Durante, i find out that to read ingame messages vertical resolution must be 720. 1920 horizontal is fine.

    Yep also works here setting the resolution in dsfix.ini to 1920×720 brings back me text.

  29. HELP! I’m using a Gtx 460 1gb, amd athlon x4 @ 3.1 ghz, and 4 gb of RAM and im getting major lag in-game!! I rarely get 30 fps and am usually at 15-25 with lag spikes to lower fps! WTH why did they lie about the system requirements!? Someone have a fix? People with similar setups seem to be doing just fine WTF?!

  30. Thanks for this ^^
    Just wanted to report another bug:
    The Game crashes while starting when the programm: “EVGA Precision X” (latest version) is runing

  31. Is there any hope of seeing a mod to change on the on screen prompts to show the keyboard keys. It’s incredibly difficult remembering what keys to press.

  32. Wow! I can’t believe how much better the game looks after this little mod. If you can manage to fix the message display bug I’ll gladly donate a few bucks. Thanks so much for your time spent on this, very appreciated.

      • xvid

        Yes I tried your above suggestion, and putting the height at 720 pixels does solve the text issue. However it also changes the internal rendering resolution to an odd aspect ratio, causing aliasing (not to mention a less detail than 1080p).

        I was reading the steam forum about this mod, and somebody suggested upping the resolution above your display’s native resolution for super sample anti-aliasing. This works very well, but it was too slow on my computer at 3840×2160 (I have a GTX 465 / i5 750 rig.)

        So I thought maybe if you ran the internal resolution at 1440p so it was exactly 2x the game’s regular resolution maybe the text would line up and be readable. Unfortunately the text is still gone, but the performance is still excellent and it looks amazing.

        Long story short, the text thing is still an issue but this mod is even better than I thought. If that problem is fixed I will be thrilled.

  33. I’m assuming this an Nvidia Optimus issue, but the game won’t recognize my dedicated graphics when I stick the fix in the game’s steam directory. Without, it recognizes it fine. The fix DOES work with the integrated graphics though.

    • Interesting. Does it still run in full screen or is it forced to windowed? If the latter, I’ll fix that next release.

      • Just tried it again. No forcing to window, but no change either. Checked my whitelists too. Not sure what’s up.

      • Yeah this is a problem with Optimus, it won’t allow any sort of .dll interception without switching the game to the awful Intel onboard graphics. The only way around this is to use an injector, like ENB series does for skyrim.

        If you can eventually sort that out it would make a ton of laptop users happy. Including me! (that would be entirely donation worthy too)

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