Zestiria character shadow improvements, GeDoSaTo injection compatibility

I just pushed a new game-specific plugin for Tales of Zestiria which increases character shadow resolution/detail. It’s just a minor change, but it was annoying me that the in-game shadow setting increased environmental shadow resolution, but only blurred character shadows more. It just doesn’t make sense that shadows (ostensibly from the same light source) would look completely different if they were cast from characters rather than the environment.

It turned out that the character shadows were being rendered at only 64×64 (!), with 128×128 for Sorey, so it’s hardly surprising that they lacked detail. The new game-specific plugin rectifies that, and it’s designed to show similar detail to the game’s “high” environment shadows. Compare:

Original character shadowsModded character shadowsNote how the character shadows are just amorphous blobs in the original image. This would be fine I guess as a design choice if it was uniform, but the environment shadows right next to them are much more sharp and detailed! In the modded version, I tried to unify their appearance so that they look like they belong in the same scene.

GeDoSaTo New Injection Compatibility

By now, I’ve got a lot of feedback on the new injection method. What I expected was for quite a few games to stop working for everyone, while others would still work perfectly. That didn’t really happen to any extent.

The good news is that the new (much safer) injection method seems to have fixed injection issues with the previous version for a large number of people. Perhaps even more importantly, it appears to have completely eliminated both updating issues and crashes in unrelated applications for everyone, which was very important to me. I really don’t want people to download GeDoSaTo and experience random crashes, which was the case for some previous versions.

The bad news is that there are people for whom previous versions worked which report that the new version doesn’t work at all. Worse yet, there’s no pattern which I could discern so far as to who it works for and who it doesn’t work for.

Therefore, I ask both people for whom the new version works and those for whom it doesn’t to report here. I hope we can track down some common reason for the behavior.

4 thoughts on “Zestiria character shadow improvements, GeDoSaTo injection compatibility

  1. No compatibility issues here, compatibility has actually improved via the “shim” .dll as GeDoSaTo no longer hooks into Battle.Net even when said exe(s) were in the blacklist_user.txt file.

    (Never could figure out why that would happen, also the only program that had this issue.)


    Not really sure what GeDoSaTo has for dependencies but DirectX is up to date or well as up to date as it can be as the DirectX runtime redistributable hasn’t been updated since June 2010 (They really should make it part of the default Windows install, same for the _46 .dll files added via D3D11.1 instead of having software like Steam having to bundle them separately but eh that’s a separate annoyance of mine.)


    VC++ is also up to date via a third party utility that uninstalls existing versions as detected and installs the latest for 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2015 for x86 and x64 (As both are needed since the x64 version won’t cover x86 software.) and I think the recent changes to GeDoSaTo means it now requires the 2013 or 2015 runtimes to work correctly, unsure if it also needs .Net but 4.5 is part of Windows now (8.1 and newer, I’m on Windows 10 build 10576) and .Net 3.5 will be installed on-demand if required or it can be added manually via the Windows components install manager.


    As for other software I’m usually using MSI Afterburner though without it’s hardware monitoring API enabled as I only check framerate and don’t really use it for overclocking or monitoring VRAM and such, ReShade is also used but only on DX10 and 11 (And OpenGL) and on x64 for the few games that are still on D3D9 but are using 64-bit binaries.

    Don’t use Razer products but on the ReShade forums the Razer Synapse program is causing numerous compatibility issues so maybe it’s a similar conflict issue here although narrowing down which software is causing these problems might be difficult.

    (Anything from monitoring programs likeĀ  Fraps to Afterburner to software like Razer and Logitech to overlays via Steam, UPlay and Origin to name a few, can’t be easy to try and troubleshoot all that and more.)


    Oh and before I forget to mention it, nice work on the Zestiria shadow improvements there, hadn’t really thought about it before but seeing the comparison shows it’s a nice upgrade over the default. (Not really played the game much lately, need more time to truly get into it as it seems like it’s a pretty big game in terms of content or how to say.)

  2. According to this page , you need to disable secure boot to use the AppInit_DLLs register under Windows 8 and later. It worked here (Windows 8.1 ), but some games still won’t load.

    • Hmm, I’m on Windows 10 and I don’t remember disabling secure boot, and everything is working for me. Could it be disabled by default?

      Anyway, very good information, thanks!
      (Also, it’s neat and all of MS to say that it’s not supported, but then what the hell are they proposing as an alternative for an application like GeDoSaTo?)

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