FF Type-0 Article – Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

I wrote a pretty in-depth port analysis of FF Type-0, for PC Gamer as usual. The game is intriguing: it’s clearly a far more technically competent port (it even uses some compute shaders!), with none of the random performance drops, but held back by a baffling regression in output resolution choice.

It also got a very bad rep initially on Steam because the options perhaps aren’t labeled expressively enough – the “high” and “highest” AA options perform 2.25x and 4x downsampling, basically, so they have a very significant performance impact. Many expected to just “max everything” in this port, so that came as a surprise.

What I didn’t expect is that the game actually has some decent improvements over the console version beyond just rendering resolution, including a high-end shadow option, a very fully-featured screenshot mode, and a speedup toggle.

6 thoughts on “FF Type-0 Article – Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

  1. Thanks for looking into all of these JRPG ports.  It’s always interesting to read your thoughts on the technical aspects of the releases and of course the fantastic fixes where possible.  Do you have any plans to look into Tales of Zestiria (soon to be followed by Tales of Symphonia) being released on Steam?  The Tales series has a decent following and this will be the first time they get a PC release, perhaps because it’s a 20th anniversary title and they want to break new ground.

  2. Hey Durante, i read the article and it was enlightening however i didn’t understand the part where you said  “Don’t engineer your future games in a way which makes it apparently impossible for what is clearly a technically competent porting team to change the framerate.” Does this mean we are stuck with 30fps forever?

  3. I know it isn’t related,
    but can we except GEDOSATO for DX11 (SoTFS) version of Dark Souls 2 ? You did a great job on it and i’m impatiently waiting for DX11 version since SoTFS came out.

  4. Great article as always durante! I hope to keep seeing your articles over at PCGamer. I’m sure it gives you great exposure. :)

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