Some Audio updates for PtBi

Thanks to a comment on the last post, the audio crash which affected some should now be fixed in version 6.1901.

Also, I investigated the reports of trouble capturing PS3 output, and there was something strange going on. It seems like in some conditions the BMI Pro 4k driver can enter an error state, and nothing will work until the next reboot. Anway, after some debugging I got 1080p5994 capture with full ARGB quality working on PS3:

20 thoughts on “Some Audio updates for PtBi

  1. Is there a particular reason that 1080i isn’t supported? Unfortunately I don’t have a BMIP 4K, so I can’t do 1080p60, but I figure 1080i is the next best thing. Unfortunately I can’t record that because ptbi doesn’t support it. This isn’t a particularly big issue, I’ll continue to use 720p if needed, but I’m just curious.

  2. I bought an Orei 102 splitter to replace the Monoprice 105369 that wasn’t working with the 4k. The PS3 works as well as the PS4 through HDMI with it now which is pretty much perfect other than the audio issues.

    The PS3 has the same issue as the PS4 when it comes to LPCM audio. 7.1ch 48khz works but the center and LFE is flipped. 5.1ch 48khz actually outputs something on the PS3 but it cuts in and out rapidly making it unusable. I haven’t had any luck with DD/DTS 5.1 but I don’t even know what is supposed to happen when it does work.

  3. I got my 4K yesterday and installed it this afternoon. It took me a couple minutes to figure out that I needed to change the pixel format to ARGB to get 720p working with the Wii U. 1080p on the other hand doesn’t work at all with the Wii U, but I don’t think it’s your program since 1080p also doesn’t work in the preview window of their media express utility. I’ll take it up with blackmagic on their forums.

    On the sound front, even with my new 4k there are still issues if you checkĀ ptbi.log. It’s not actually an issue with the 4k because the errors are so infrequent and inaudible.

  4. I don’t know whats wrong now. Both consoles aren’t being detected on HDMI. If by chance they do, it instantly breaks when I run PtBi. Video card gets instantly detected though. I’ve done a lot of restarting and playing with drivers.

    • I will get video and some crackling audio through the intensity shuttle (while using PtBi) with 720p component but when I switch to HDMI all i get is a black screen… I have my ps3 on component out with a component to hdmi scaler box and wish to use hdmi with the ps3 that way. However when i directly connect ps3 component cables to the intensity shuttle I will get picture but through the scaler box that’s a no-no.

    • What format do you see in the Blackmagic Desktop Video Utility? (Bottom left corner)

      I noticed that sometimes the card/driver will get confused and not recognize the format, and when that happens PtBi (or Media Express or anything else for that matter) won’t be able to show anything, regardless of settings.

      If PtBi doesn’t work when set to the correct format recognized in the Desktop Video Utility then please let me know.

      • When it does detect the HDMI connection it displays the correct format. It will immediately lose it and display “-” if I try to capture it though. It will usually stay that way until some unknown events occur to un-break it.

        The HDMI out on my video card does work all the time, even after the BMI4K acts like the consoles don’t exist. But nothing wants to display 8 or 10 bit RGB from it. Switching back to the consoles after will still give “-”.

        I would be interested to know what your setup is for the PS3 to have it working over what I’m guessing is HDMI.

        I’m probably going to harass BMD over the phone some more.

      • as of now I have it hooked up via hdmi but it says component on the bottom left corner for video input.

      • Well I fixed RGB not working by switching it from a 4x slot to an 8x. Standards are hard I guess. Then I had LSD color mode and mismatched formats at random which was caused by Deep Color Output. Now the PS4 reliably detects.

        I don’t think the BMI4k likes the Monoprice though so the PS3 still doesn’t work. I would guess due to it taking several seconds to react to an input/output change and auto detection on the BMI4k being finicky. It still detects an output from the PS4 even after it’s off. I would still like to know what you use for the PS3.

        What is relevant to PtBi is that the BMI4k is receiving all 7.1 audio channels from the PS4. I really think the center channel is mapped wrong somehow on the 4k. PtBi only plays 2 channels and ignores the rest. The buffer underruns/overruns don’t seem to be causing any issues.

        • Oh, you actually get 7.1 audio? I tried more than 2 on my Wii U and it didn’t work. How do you know it’s getting them?

          • Media Express is picking them up but I’m not really sure what’s going on. I tried recording it but playing it back I can’t hear dialogue in MGSV:GZ except for practically a whisper out of the LFE channel. It doesn’t seem like the other channels are messed up.

          • Interesting. When I tried 5.1 audio on the Wii U, Media Express didn’t pick up any audio signal at all. Which format did you output from PS4?

          • I was poking around the settings more. When you set the output to HDMI the PS4 detects it as supporting 7.1. You get the option to output 5.1 anyways.

            Turning on that 5.1 option though kills the audio entirely in ME and PtBi unfortunately. The “Audio Format (Priority)” has Linear PCM and Bitstream DD or DTS, it was on Linear PCM but it seems more like a suggestion.

            Given that its working at all in ME I’m guessing the stream is Linear PCM.

  5. Now it won’t crash but I still get audio buffer under/over run error…. Can I send you an e-mail with my PTBI.log?

  6. I know that with my USB shuttle I would have issues when the PS3 would reinitialize the video every time it started a game or went back to the XMB after closing a game. Pretty much every time the PS3 would reinitialize the video I had a 50/50 chance that I’d have to reboot to get the shuttle working again. Once I got past the initialization I was ok.

    Your fix works and PTBI no longer crashes from audio. Unfortunately your error reporting was correct and you can hear the buffer underruns continually happening when sound is playing.

    • I guess I’ll have to make a setting for the audio buffer length to make it possible to use for shuttle users.

      • Hopefully you can get an up to date version of ptbi working with bm shuttle. I will donate if you can make that happen… So far for the latest version, component in works for the shuttle but not HDMI. + the audio will crackle when set to anything really.. I can’t buy an internal cap card as my pc only has one pcie slot.

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