DSFix 2.4

This might in fact be the final version of DSfix. Why? Because Nwks (the original author of the 60 FPS unlocker!) came back and did something which I had considered ideal for a long time now: make it scan for the addresses it needs to patch instead of hard-coding them.

What does this mean for you as a DSfix user? Hopefully, that when/if the game is updated in the future, DSfix, including the FPS unlocking, will still simply work. The only reason this would fail is if the binary code right around the places which need to be patched were to change, which seems unlikely for the smaller patches which can be expected at this point.

Also, since it seems like some hosts are still taking down DSfix for no discernible reason, here are 3 separate links to it:

Have fun!

Just to reiterate: this version will not work with the GFWL version of the game, only with the beta Steamworks version (which will replace it at some point).

26 thoughts on “DSFix 2.4

  1. Does anyone else get freezing lag with DSFix now? I do have the FPS unlocked. I am going to try disabling that to see if the freezing lag goes away.

    The lag always happens in the same location all the time.

    • So it is not the FPS unlocker, the lag is something else entirely. I do not remember it being this bad before the latest version and Steamworks DS1.

      • Alright, so the issue is being caused by the texture override. I disabled the texture override and the freezing stopped. What I don’t get is I am using the same textures from before (Pre-2.4 and GFWL) and did not get this issue then.

  2. When you say “simply work,” do you mean everything about it functions as intended? I-frames and ladders and everything?

    • I still fall through some ladders with the FPS unlocked, also I think that is causing some freezing lag in certain areas of the game.

  3. There’s still no way to do borderless fullscreen for 16:10 resolutions, right? 1680×1050 isn’t a resolution option in windowed mode. :( I figure this is beyond the scope of DSFix. Let me know if I’m totally wrong?

    Thank you for the update, Durante!

    • I also only just noticed the dsfix-keys file. :( I’ve had such an amazing playthrough, been taking screenshots to document, and HUDless shots were right there the whole time! Buhh. At least I’ve got them now for the DLC and Kiln areas. Maybe someday I’ll take the whole journey again and do it right? :)

      Anyway, I just wanted to say I found a bug? Not sure if you already know about it. If I toggle the HUD off, my buffer icons (under my health/stamina) become visible again when I go into aiming mode with my bow. Possibly just a value that needs tweaking?

  4. Hym, old bugs (like importing┬ád3dx9_42.dll instead of d3dx9_43.dll) backs…

    I want to compile my own modded version, but source code seems to be not attached, this is still GPL or not ?

  5. Thank you so much for all your work. Without your fixes this game wouldnt even be half as enjoyable as it is in pc.

  6. why doesn’t the “skip intro” thing work anymore with the first logos? I mean when you open the game. they do get skipped every time you go to the main menu from the game.

    • I was partially wrong: when you open the game, when there would be the intro logos instead there’s a black screen that lasts as long as they should have lasted. it’s not exactly skipping them >_>

      • okkk this is very late, but the fix to the problem was simply to enable fps unlocking. I had it disabled because I want to play at 30 fps anyway.

  7. The disappearing sun glitch is still not fixed I suppose. I think that’s the last graphical glitch that’s left. I need to praise muh sun.

    • Yes :(

      I really spent a lot of time on it but could never figure it out. If anyone ever does (or someone from From Software is reading this :P) I’d certainly fix it.

      • Well, I noticed a few things from playing
        - slowly scrolling the sun into view will make it appear, fast moving the camera will most likely not (unless it’s the first time it gets into view, or-)
        - the higher framerate, the more likely it is for the sun to appear
        - the higher render resolution, the less likely it is for the sun to appear

        Probably won’t help you, but anyway, thank you and thank Nwks for the fast update again.

        • Yes, I’m aware of all of these. In fact, I can be even more specific: it gets more common with a higher vertical resolution, hoeizontal doesn’t seem to matter. Because of these issues, I assume that something is happening like it checking every frame if the sun center is within the top N pixels of the final frame or something like that.

    • what’s wrong with the backups thing? it works well to me.
      if there’s a thing, it’s that, in order to see how many backups there are, it checks for files with “.bak” in the name (I guess), which isn’t ideal in case one wants to rename certain particular backups and keep them in the saves folder. but still, it’s sufficient to use another format. I use “.bek”.

      or is there a new problem with version 2.4? it’s unlikely, I think.

  8. Ok i fixed the problem.
    It was the Data Execution Prevention, just wondering because it worked before.

    Thanks for the great work on dsfix!

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