Small FF13 Updates MK2

I just pushed a new version once again, with these improvements/additions:

  • Added shadow scale option (increases shadow resolution)
  • Added settings for the number of MSAA samples and coverage sampling (that is, CSAA or EQAA depending on your GPU)
  • Mitigated issues with large screenshots (taking a screenshot should never crash now, but it might still fail at very high resolutions or settings – it will report that failure though)
  • Changed scaling order, fixes some sharpness issues

A few words on performance, according to my testing: Starting from a base setting of 3840×2160 with bicubic scaling at 60 FPS I get a GPU usage of 66% on my 770.

Increasing shadow scaling to 4 gives a very marginal increase to 67% (basically free on my system). Setting it to 8 goes up to 70%.

Going from the default 4xMSAA to 16xCSAA increases GPU usage from the 66% base to 70%. Worth it in my opinion. 32xCSAA (that is, 8 MSAA samples + coverage AA) goes up to 80% and the improvement is debatable.

As always, you can use the installer here to get the latest version (or just press the update button!), and you can donate here.

6 thoughts on “Small FF13 Updates MK2

  1. Keep up the good work! Sheesh SE should hire you XD It would be lovely if you could take a screenshot of what the game looks like with higher shadow scaling and AA, thanks for all your work! The gaming community appreciates it!

  2. Hey, thanks for putting the time and effort into this.

    Unfortunately, since the latest update my FF13 crashes immediately upon launch when using GeDoSaTo. Tried tweaking several settings without improvement and without any tweaks in Nvidia Inspector/Control Panel as well. Using a GeForce 780 with the latest drivers if that helps.

    • Hey, just a quick followup. Whatever was causing the issue seemed to be linked to my second monitor and running the game in full screen. When I disable the second monitor, it seems to launch fine.

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