DSfix 1.0

This version fixes the following issues:

  • Crashing when alt-tabbing back into fullscreen mode
  • Correctly restore the render pipeline after the SMAA step (this may fix the sporadic issues with SMAA)

It introduces these features:

  • All the hotkeys are now configurable in DSfixKeys.ini
  • Integrated SSAO. Note that there are still some artifacts caused by the effect. The adventurous can enable the “reloadSSAOEffect” keybinding and try to tweak the VSSAO.fx effect file.

I’m not happy with the current state of the SSAO, but I wanted to get the release out because of the bugfixes and configurable keybindings that people asked for.

As always, consider donating if you like the mod.

DSfix version 1.0 download

Please please remember to read the README.txt!

190 thoughts on “DSfix 1.0

  1. can i make the res 1600*1200 and can i higher the hz more than 60hz and how can i lower the graphics or close the shadow

  2. Any updates on the “disappearing sun/moon” bug ? This would be the last step to perfection imo. Keep up your great work man !

  3. Pls add brightness settings. I have an old CRT monitor and cant play the game because with ingame max setting i can still hardly see anything.

  4. When I try to take HUDless pictures, it doesn’t work. I’ve tried the default key, F1 and NUMPAD0

    • If the game is located in Program Files (Aka: That is where you installed Steam to) then you’ll need to run the game as administrator for it to have permission to create files within Program Files. At least for Vista and Windows 7.

    • SSMA = Anti-aliasing, it makes the jagged edges of polygons appear smoother.

      SSAO = Ambient Occlusion (sp?), basically, it renders the effect of light and shadows on textures more realistically… although the implementation of SSAO in the current version of the patch is less than perfect.

      HUDless pictures save to the DATA folder where you inserted the files for the patch. (the folder where your DARKSOULS.exe is)

  5. Hey durante, thanks for you hard work.
    Plase don’t forget other aspect ratio like 4:3 and 16:10, thanks

  6. Peter, someone created a mouse fix that uses a simple dll wrapper like yours. So you no longer need to create a fix or implement one as I asked for before, unless you want to. The link was generously posted above by Ivan, but I will repost it for people that may have missed his post:


    It works absolutely beautifully. Here are the instructions to install it:

    Step 1 – Extract the folder from the zip.

    Step 2 – Open the folder and rename the dll to something like dsmfix.dll (which is what I used)

    Step 3 – Put the renamed dll file, as well as the dsmfix.ini file, into the Dark Souls DATA folder (same place you put the Durante’s dsfix – where the DARKSOULS.exe is located)

    Step 4 – Open Durante’s dsfix.ini, under “Window & Mouse Cursor Options” you will see a line that says “#Dinput dll changing”. Below that you will see “dinput8dllWrapper None”. Replace “None” with the renamed dll file from the mouse fix (for example, since I renamed mine to “dsmfix.dll”, it would say:
    dinput8dllWrapper dsmfix.dll).

    Step 5 – Save the ini and play the game – the mouse works BEAUTIFULLY now. I changed my camera sensitivity in the game options to 7 and it’s absolutely perfect. No negative acceleration, no jumpy lock on – it’s perfect.

    • Also, I donated 50 US dollars (like 39 Euros or something). Thank you very much for the fix man.

  7. I can’t even get 1.0 to run the game D; It crashes immediately after opening the game! Not sure what the issues are. 0.91 works fine, but will also crash if I enable the SMAA quality above 0. Version 1.0 does not work period, even with every setting disabled. Also in 0.91, I can enable everything else to their highest settings, and receive no performance drops like the README says are possible. I’m not worried about performance as my computer can handle it, but for some reason, it works in 0.91 if SMAA is off, and doesn’t work period in 1.0 no matter which settings are enabled/disabled. Any help guys? Cheers to Peter though for this entire mod, I love Dark Souls so much, been playing it on PC non stop since release, even after I did everything on the PS3 version!

    • Aww man I feel like an asshole. I was so used to the 0.3 version that I never even saw the new “dsfix” folder inside the download, I was just copying the loose files XD PROBLEM SOLVED!! Ignore the ignorance above please! :D

  8. Durante, I see you have made an amazing improvement on the DoF. Could you post some comparison pictures, between the previous DoF and the enhanced one? (for those who, like me, wont have played the game yet) If you can do that on the Neogaf thread It would be nice! Thanks a lot! =D

  9. This is awesome thank you sir for making this game playable without burning my eyes :)

    Do you think there is a possibility of unlocking the frame rate also?

    • Frame rate is impossible to unlock. This question has been answered on this blog a million times.

  10. weird, i can get 3840×2110 at 30fps all the time with my gf 580, but when i enable ssao the framerate goes to 15 fps fixed!. Anyone having the same problem?

    • That’s not weird or a problem, that’s just normal. This is a full-resolution DoF effect, your card just can’t do it at 3840×2110 on top of everything else the game is doing.

    • yep, i got this ‘problem’ too, but thats just a little bug, i really dnt care about those lines xD

  11. is it possible to alter the fov in the game? i know, it’s third person and for a lot of people it isn’t a problem, but this game makes me motion sick within five minutes.

    • I’m usually very sensitive to narrow FOV in, Dark Souls it’s ok but I wouldn’t say no to an extra 10°!

  12. Thank you so much for that amazing work! Dark Souls works now perfect downsampled in 2880×1620 with SMAA and wireless X360 Controller ^_^

    • Me too… Steam screenshots, regardless of what I set the key in steam and the dsfix to, does not work.

      I set the steam one to a key I know is not being used by the game or dsfix, and it still doesn’t work… but one time it worked, then stopped working… not sure why…

  13. Is it possible to fix the stuttering camera for mouses? And if it is, would you consider working on it? :)

  14. kerym: Are you trying to use the analog stick? DKS wants you to use the d-pad to navigate menus.

  15. FROM should at least name a character after you in their next game of the series as a sign of recognition.

  16. Hey, great work!
    I have a [REQUEST]
    If possible, can you somehow enable sound in backround? It would be great if you just wait to be summoned and don’t need to alt+tab into the game every 30 seconds.

  17. just wanted to say your work for this game is amazing, thx much. Amazing game, amazing modding from you, its appreciated.

  18. You sir, give that company a lot of sales. No one would want to play it without your fixes. Thank you for your hard work, we appreciate it a lot!

  19. You are a god among mankind, you really converted the best game ever made into the best game ever made worthly playable on PC.

    I thank thee kindly… Mee heh heh heh!

  20. Hello, can You help me guys? My originall Xbox 360 controller (i’m using it wireless) is not working with Dark Souls. Actually maybe it works, because when I click the home button it looks ok and the controller works, but in the game, when I want to press load game or just move, no reaction. I don’t know, mb. the keys are unbinded? Do You have any idea how to fix it? I’ll appreciate it very much.

    P.S I tried with x360ce, but didn’t help ;/

    • you must disable the in-game community from steam to make this work (also, did you renamed dimput8.dll to something like 360.dll and put into the wrapper?)
      Hope it helps.
      Sry my bad english… XD

      • I’m not using Steam to play DS, just the Games For Windows Live (btw. it’s a nice piece of shit). And no, i didn’t rename anything from dinput8.dll to something like 360.dll, I only installed the DSFix, but thats not the reason.

  21. Hey, it doesn’t work for me or I’m doing something wrong.
    I unzipped all the files in to the DARKSOULS.EXE folder and changed resolutions to 1680×1050 but ingame i keep getting 1280×960

    • Unzip it all to the “DATA” folder.

      \Steam\steamapps\common\Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition\DATA

  22. Back to using 0.8 instead of 1.0

    I had serious framerate issues even with the new features disabled.

  23. Hello, I don’t known if someone speak about-it, but I played 20 hours with ssao (nvidiainspector) and very often the game run in 15 fps (gtx 560 925mhz). I always fixe it with alt-tab and go back to the game or change resolution and go back to my resolution. It worked but after 10 minutes it come back.

    I think that, instead to make the CG work with full load, the game swith to 15 f/s .. very odd..

    So now I find how to fix it :-D !! I disable the “power management” for data.exe (swith it to “performance”) in the Nvidia control panel..
    Now every things work perfectly!! always in 30 fps.. I am quite happy

  24. Update on DSFix automatically making screenshots:
    Uninstalled PPjoy – BMP’s still appear in game folder
    Deleted DSFix – BMP’s not appear anymore in game folder

    Using DSFix 0.91+DSMFix now.

  25. Hey Durante! I have an update about the missing sun/moon and lens flare. I have a ati, used 1280×720 internal resolution + 810 dof and smaa 4. At least with this settings the sun/moon bug seems to never happen. But when I tried to set internal to 1280×1024 -bingo- here is the bug another user talked about. Set again internal res to 1280×720 and the bug vanished again.

    • yep, after other testing, I can confirm the internal resolution choice is what makes the bug happens or not. Resolutions like 1024×720, 1280×720 or 1024×768 seems to be immune to this bug, I tried and tried…
      hope this can be useful for you

      • Did you have the lens/sun effects in the second bonefire (you find in the game, the one near the marchant)?.
        I have it in1366x768 but in 1920×1080 too…
        The bug skip all sun/lensflare effects or just some place?
        How do I know if I have it?

        • Just to be more precise: you have sun even with “bugged” resolutions, but sometimes with camera movements, the sun, the sun rays and the lens flare simply disappear and come back randomly. And yes, using my usual resolution (1280×720) I always have sun and all its effects, at the first bonefire in the undead burg too.

  26. I just wanted to say, that u’re the best, man. The game runs like a charm…

    Srsly dude, u’re a wonderworker, and should be world leader, or something.


    Happy Maaan

  27. Hey man this keeps getting better and better.

    I just wanted to ask something. Maybe you or someone here knows what’s going on.

    In my game shadows created by the sun are broken. They shift when I move and they create a weird effect in Anor Londo like if I had completely disabled AF (I have the tried with and without the filtering override, no difference)

    Am I alone in this?

    • please try to set internal res. at 1280×720, 1024×768 or 1024×720 and try again. this fixed the bug for me, if it’s the same for other users, this can be really a precious piece of info for Petert/Durante.

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